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From the Grand Hotel Praha, only a few steps across the Old Town Square, is located one of the most important of Old Town's churches. It is the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, for short called the Tyn Church.

This gothic building originated, in several phases, from the 14th to the 15th century. The names of two famous Prague builders - Petr Parléř and Matthias of Arras - who significantly participated in the construction of a large portion of Old Town's sights - are connected to it. The church was affected by many historical events, especially by the Hussite Wars. These wars burdened the building literally with human lives, when the roof trusses for the church were instead used to build gallows, built for the Hussite leaders captured by the Emperor Zikmund.

The Church has an extraordinary decor, with two dominant towers with galleries, raising high above the surrounding buildings and making the church impossible to overlook. Between them, on the main gable, is the statue of the Madonna, which gives the name to the entire cathedral. The portal, with its sculpture decorations, is also extraordinary.

The church interior also has rich baroque decorations and many remarkable historical sights, especially the very valued organ from the second half of the 17th century. Furthermore, there is a baroque altar with the painting the Annunciation of the Virgin Marry by Karel Škréta, the most popular painter of his time. There is also a medieval gothic pulpit and sculptures in the side bodies of the church.

However, the biggest attractions are the medieval, gothic and baroque tombstones. The famous astronomer, Tycho de Brahe, from the Court of the Emperor Rudolf II, has his tombstone located here, close to the main altar.

The church is one of the most dominant of Old Prague's sights; its interior belongs among the best that one can see in Prague's churches and you will be very glad you visited it. Just exit from the Grand Hotel Praha and look right. The tall church towers will guide you the right way.