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Prague is one of the most famous and popular places admired by visitors from all over the world. It is a city full of historical atmosphere, architecture, music and literature. It is a city full of important sights and famous places which formed Czech history.

One of those places, which left many traces throughout history, is the Royal Route. It starts in Old Prague by the Powder Gate, the symbolic entrance to Old Town. It continues to the Old Town Square with a gorgeous ancient city hall and clock, via the famous Charles Bridge to the Little Quarter Square and through old alleys to the famous Prague Castle.

This route through the historical center of Prague took the future rulers to their coronation in St. Vitus's Cathedral in Prague Castle. The route used to be, on these occasions, richly decorated and the procession met on the road with councilors and representatives of confraternities, universities and churches. While they walked the route, bells rang, people sang and cannons were fired, people threw flowers and welcomed the new ruler.

The future ruler and king, by taking this route, demonstrated what significance the city and its inhabitants had for him. The burgess then, by the decorations and attention devoted to the passing processions, demonstrated their loyalty to their king. The journey to the coronation then created a symbolic relationship between the king and his people.

Nowadays, this route slowly uncovers the beauty of Old Prague, its houses, churches, squares and palaces from all possible historic periods, to its visitors. It has an atmosphere where time has symbolically stopped. Its uniqueness captivates not only history lovers, but all those who want to experience Prague.

The mot important of Old Prague's sights are located on the Royal Route, that's why the Grand Hotel Praha is located directly on it, to allow its visitors to see and experience the atmosphere of the most precious and beautiful that Old Prague has to offer first hand.